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Customized Stir Ball Mill
Customized Stir Ball Mill
Customized Stir Ball Mill

Customized Stir Ball Mill

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Changsha Tianchuang Powder Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on stirring ball mills for more than ten years, independently research and development and mass production of all kinds of experimental stirring ball mills, light type and production type stirring ball mills. Tianchuang stirring ball mill can be made into fixed speed or variable frequency speed regulation according to customer requirements. The ball mill tank can be lined with zirconia, corundum, nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyurethane, tungsten carbide and other materials to meet the requirements of customers for impurities of different materials.

According to the special grinding temperature requirements of customers, the technical team of our company has developed low-temperature stirring ball mill and high-temperature stirring ball mill, which solves the technical needs of customers for low-temperature grinding or high-temperature grinding.

Along the way, Changsha Tianchuang has grown together with customers. While constantly solving various problems for customers, Tianchuang's technology has steadily improved to a new level in the industry. It is a kind of happiness to be continuously needed by customers. We are grateful for all customers' trust in Tianchuang. Because you put forward one technical problem after another to Tianchuang which makes us to a higher level.

According to the actual situation of customers, Tianchuang has always been working to provide customers with a full set of solutions. There is no end to growth. We are always on the road. Your demand is the driving force for us to move forward. Tianchuang's technical team is waiting for your "presence" at any time and accepts the customization of any non-standard stirred ball mill.


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