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Air-cooling Planetary Ball Mill
Air-cooling Planetary Ball Mill
Air-cooling Planetary Ball Mill
Air-cooling Planetary Ball Mill
Air-cooling Planetary Ball Mill
Air-cooling Planetary Ball Mill

Air-cooling Planetary Ball Mill

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Cryogenic planetary ball mill is mainly applied to ultrafine grinding under condition of low-temperature requested by materials. Compared with the artificial injection of liquid nitrogen cooling, cold-air planetary ball mill is much easier and more convenient to be operated, it is also cost-saved, and low-energy consumed.

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Cryogenic planetary ball mill is a combination of planetary mill and refrigeration equipment. Most materials will be heated during high-speed grinding due to friction or exothermic reaction, which may lead to changes in physical and chemical properties of materials and produce negative grinding effect. Low temperature planetary ball mill is mainly used in material grinding process which needs strict temperature control.



Cryogenic planetary ball mill has four ball grinding tanks installed on one turntable. When the turntable rotates, the tank axis makes planetary movements and the balls in the tanks grinds and mixes samples in high speed movement. The product can smash and blend various products of different materials and granularity with dry or wet methods. Minimum granularity of ground powder can be as small as 0.1mm.

Cryogenic (Low-temperature control) planetary ball mill is a combination of planetary mill and air-cooling device. Air-conditioning compressed refrigeration principle is applied in the air-cooling device. The heat generated by grinding can be quickly removed by air cooling gas cycle. According to the difference of ambient temperature, temperature of ball-milling space can be controlled within 5-15℃. This kind of ball mill is mainly used for ultra-fine grinding under material requirements of low-temperature technology. The air-cooling device has advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, convenient maintenance and lower energy consumption.

1. Suitable for the materials requiring ultra-fine grinding under low temperature.
2. Simple structure.
3. Easy operation.
4. Convenient maintenance.
5. Low energy consumption.

Technical Data Sheet of Tencan Planetary Ball Mill

Drive ModeGear drive
Operation ModeTwo or four mill jars can be used for each grinding
Max Capacity for MaterialsLess than 1/3 of each jar volume
Total max capacity: less than 1/3 of total jars volume
Feed SizeSoft and crispy materials ≤ 10mm
Other hard materials ≤ 3mm
Output GranularitySmallest granularity can be achieved to 0.1μm
Rotation Speed Ratio1:02
Max Continuous Operating Time72 Hours
Materials of Available Mill Jars304 Stainless steel, 316l stainless steel, Zirconia, Nylon, PU,
Alumina ceramic (corundum), PTFE, Agate, Tungsten carbide

Remarks: Cryogenic planetary ball mill is combination of planetary ball mill plus air-cooling device, which can be equipped with vertical planetary ball mill, horizontal planetary ball mill, full-directional planetary ball mill.

Table 1 Technical Parameters For Cryogenic Planetary Ball Mill

Model No.VoltagePowerRotation SpeedNoise
XQM-1(C)220V-50Hz0.75KW70-670 rpmLess than 60db
XQM-2(C)220V-50Hz0.75KW70-670 rpmLess than 60db
XQM-4(C)220V-50Hz0.75KW70-670 rpmLess than 60db
XQM-6(C)220V-50Hz0.75KW70-670 rpmLess than 60db
XQM-8(C)220V-50Hz1.5KW70-580 rpmLess than 60db
XQM-10(C)220V-50Hz1.5KW70-580 rpmLess than 60db
XQM-12(C)220V-50Hz1.5KW70-580 rpmLess than 60db
XQM-20(C)380V-50Hz4.0KW50-430 rpmLess than 65db
XQM-40(C)380V-50Hz5.5KW40-390 rpmLess than 68db
XQM-60(C)380V-50Hz7.5KW40-260 rpmLess than 68db
XQM-100(C)380V-50Hz11KW40-260 rpmLess than 68db

Table 2 Technical Parameters For Cryogenic Planetary Ball Mill

Model No.Speed ControlNet WeightNet Dimensions
XQM-1(C)Frequency Control93kgs750*470*564mm
XQM-2(C)Frequency Control93kgs750*470*564mm
XQM-4(C)Frequency Control93kgs750*470*564mm
XQM-6(C)Frequency Control93kgs750*470*564mm
XQM-8(C)Frequency Control150kgs900*600*640mm
XQM-10(C)Frequency Control150kgs900*600*640mm
XQM-12(C)Frequency Control150kgs900*600*640mm
XQM-20(C)Frequency Control330kgs1200*750*920mm
XQM-40(C)Frequency Control468kgs1400*850*1160mm
XQM-60(C)Frequency Control900kgs1600*990*1250mm
XQM-100(C)Frequency Control1250kgs1750*1140*1330mm

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of planetary ball mills, we provide all kinds of mill jars in full sizes covering 304 or 316 stainless steel mill jars, tungsten carbide mill jars, agate mill jars, corundum mill jars, zirconia mill jars, nylon mill jars, PU mill jars, PTFE mill jars and etc.


Available mill jars Specifications

Available mill jars

Available specifications

304 or 316 Stainless steel mill jars

From 50ml-25L

Tungsten carbide mill jars

From 50ml to 2L

Agate mill jars

From 50ml to 2L

Corundum mill jars

From 50ml to 10L

Zirconia mill jars

From 50ml to 5L

Nylon mill jars

From 50ml-25L

PU mill jars

From 50ml-25L

PTFE mill jars

From 50ml-25L

Additionally, we also provide full sizes of 304 or 316 stainless steel mill balls, zirconia mill balls, alumina balls, agate balls, steel carbon mill balls, tungsten mill balls, iron core PU balls, and etc.

Available Mill Balls & Specifications

Available mill jars

Available specifications (Diameter)

304 Stainless steel mill balls

From 1mm-30mm

316L Stainless steel mill balls

From 1mm-30mm

Tungsten carbide mill balls

From 2mm-20mm

Agate mill balls

From 1mm-30mm

Alumina mill balls

From 1mm-50mm

Zirconia mill jars

From 0.1mm-30mm

Carbon steel mill balls

From 1mm-30mm

Iron core PU mill balls

From 15mm-30mm

Recommendation for Matching Solution about Grinding Material & Accessories

Grinding Materials & Requests

Suggested Solution

1. Soil and other materials which are not allowed with any metal impurity contamination

Agate mill jars and balls

2. Metal or nonmetal materials which are not allowed with metal impurity contamination

Zirconia jars and balls

3. High hardness materials like diamond and tungsten carbide materials

Tungsten carbide jars and balls

4. Strong add & alkali materials or other materials under high temperature

PTFE mill jars and zirconia balls

5. Iron ore or other materials with low metal impurity sensitivity

Stainless steel mill jars and balls

6. Pigment or materials with later processing under high temperature

Nylon mill jars and zirconia balls

7. Alumina materials like ceramic glaze

Corundum mill jars and alumina balls

8. Electronic materials like lithium battery

Polyurethane jars and iron core PU balls

9. Easily oxidized materials or some materials which need to be protected under special atmosphere

Vacuum mill jars


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