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Agitator Cell Mill
Agitator Cell Mill
Agitator Cell Mill
Agitator Cell Mill
Agitator Cell Mill

Agitator Cell Mill

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Gold ore, iron ore, zircon sand, pyrite, manganese dioxide, zirconium silicate, zirconia, iron oxide red, ferro manganese alloy, ferrite, lead-zinc ore, metal oxide, mica, talc, graphite, Rare earth, lithium iron phosphate, silica, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, brucite, bentonite, kaolin, sulfur, calcium carbonate, coal water slurry, heavy gemstone, fertilizer, and other metallic and non-metallic minerals powder wet superfine grinding. The fineness of the feed material is required to be 45μm-1mm.

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Cell mill is a new type of mixing & wet milling machine that integrates gravity and fluidization technologies. It uses the rotating kinetic energy of the multi-stage alloy mixing plate to make the grinding medium balls filled in the grinding cavity generate orbital motion. Collision and shearing realize grinding process. The mixture of medium and slurry in the grinding chamber produces high-energy motion, and the medium and the material form a vortex, and the material particles collide and contact each other, thereby generating shear and squeezing forces between the particles, forming an ideal fine grinding process. Fluidization technology means that the stirring speed becomes much higher, which is enough to distribute the grinding media in various densities throughout the slurry, forcing particles to come into contact with the grinding media in all directions, and the materials are completely and effectively ground. The core of the cell mill and process configuration design is to maximize taste of the material and improve energy efficiency. Based on the above two ultra-fine grinding technologies, China Tencan can provide the best and customized equipment solutions to meet production process according to user’s requirements.
Power intensity of the cell mill has been optimized to realize rapid dissipation of the heating generated by high-efficiency grinding, and power intensity is limited to an ideal range to avoid generating a great deal of heating generated by high power, saving cooling devices, and meanwhile, the shearing force of medium and slurry on liner and grinding plate is reduced to prolong service life of the wearing parts.
Closed grinding structure design, short/thick grinding cavity design elements, 16:10 golden ratio of length/diameter/linear velocity coefficient ratio is much better, allowing the material to be fully ground inside the cavity, production efficiency of such a pin-type of bead mill with high energy density (2 kW/ dm3) is 3-5 times more than that of ordinary sand mill. This high-performance pin-type high-speed cell mill is used for continuous production or large-flow circulation ultrafine grinding of solid suspensions dispersed in liquids or producing
high fineness powder products.

Particle Size Distribution
Cell mill has a good particle size distribution range, it is not difficult to find in the below diagram that Its particle size distribution range is so narrow under 1μm, which verifies that efficiency and fineness of cell mill are always much better than other mills. Fineness of the cell mill varies with different characteristics of the ore, but its overall particle size can be controlled within a range of 0.5-15μm. We can carry out detailed experiments to help customers to determine the production process with best performance.


Cases of Process Line
1.Single-stage grinding process:
It is a very economical fine grinding process. Such a production line composed of one cell mill can grind products under 2μm ≤ D92 at a time.


2.Multiple-stage grinding process:
Multiple-stage grinding process line consists of 2-3 sets of cell mills which are connected into a production line for grinding ore, where you can add media balls in different diameters, different specifications, and different specific gravity in each stage of the cell mill, you can grind to obtain products with diameter of 2μm≥D98 at a time. The multi-stage grinding process has characteristics of flexible changes, it is easy to produce D60 and D90 products without adding any other equipment, which can be changed from series mode to parallel mode.


3.Multi-stage mixing process:
If you need to grind high-strength and large sized particles, you are suggested to use spiral cell mill for pre-grinding, where large sized particles of materials can be effectively crushed by strong impact and collision of the steel balls based on its gravity grinding technology. The multi-stage mixing process can better show its excellent grinding performance for grinding high-strength particles.


Cell mill is a large kind of wet ultrafine grinder independently developed by China Tencan. Considering in view of technical point, purpose of the desired solution is to minimize the total cost of fine powder particle grinding, improve taste of material and enhance energy efficiency, realize continuous production process, so as to reduce investment cost for customers maximally and meet requirements of industries and customers, exceed customers’ expectations continuously while meeting product requirements. Obviously, cell mill has many advantages in the following terms:
1. Cell mill is currently the only ultra-fine grinding equipment with following two technologies:

1)Gravity and fluidization technologies;
2)Fluidization technology

2. Fully new process that subverts tradition
1)Easily operated and fully automatic lower feeding, simple upper-discharging production process;
2)Easy to realize continuous production with conventional and optimized control.

3. Lower cost of investment
1)Small volume of the equipment and simple in foundation;
2)Modular design makes installation more quicker and convenient.

4. Low cost of operation
1)Low consumption of high-strength alumina ceramic grinding media;
2)Alloy impeller greatly prolongs service life of the equipment, and the maintenance cost is much lower.

5. High capacity & low energy consumption
1)Capacity range for grinding to under 0.8μm particle size is up to 1.5-2 tons;
2)Power consumption is 60% more energy saving than ball mill;
3)Cooling circulating water without cleaning equipment saves a lot of water resources;
4)Fully automatic continuous operation, it needs only 2 patrol operators.
Technical Features
Fully automatic continuous production, high efficiency, low energy consumption, 0.5-45μm fineness adjustable, narrow particle size distribution, easy startup with load, short process path, currently the most advanced and largest mature equipment in China.

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